A Guide to the Enchanting Skill Line, Crafting Enchanting Runestones into Glyphs

Enchanting Banner

Enchanting banner.

What follows is a guide to the Enchanting Skill Line in the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (ESOTU). Enchanting in ESOTU, is the act of crafting Glyphs from Enchanting runestones.There are three different types of runestones; one from each category is required for crafting a Glyph. Glyphs provide bonuses when applied to items such as weapons, armour, and jewelry (the only three at the moment); one example of a bonus would be for Stamina recovery; which is impacted by the combination of runestones chosen to craft the Glyph.


  • Potency runestones – Potency runestones dictate the level range of the glyph; a glyph must be in range of the desired target to be applicable. Potency runestones exist in a positive form and a negative form. The positive will have an improvement effect, and the negative will have a detrimental effect. For example, if you wish to create a Glyph for a level 49 piece of Jewelry, that would require a level range of 40 to 50 for the Potency runestone; corresponding to Pora (positive) or Hade (negative).
  • Essence runestones – Essense runestones dictate the actual bonus the Glyph will have.
  • Aspect runestones – Aspect runestones impact the rarity; which impacts the base bonus. A normal rarity has no bonus applied, however the bonus increases with rarity level, from white (least rare) to green, green to blue, blue to purple, purple to yellow (most rare).

Click here for a complete list of Enchanting runestones.

Crafting Glyphs from runestones is done at an Enchanting Station (crafting table). Enchanting Stations are found all over Tamriel; notably in major cities such as Windhelm. If an Enchanting Station exists, then an icon will appear on the local map for the area you are in; the icon is that of a soul gem.

Windhelm Map With Adept's Retreat Highlighted

Windhelm Map With Adept’s Retreat highlighted.

Finding Enchanting stations is never a problem in Tamriel; they are abundant and easy to locate.

Enchanting Table

An Enchanting table as food throughout Tamriel.

Enchanting Stations are where you assemble one of each of the three different classes of runestones to craft a Glpyh. You can also deconstruct an existing Glyph at an Enchanting Station; deconstruction potentially (not always) yields the component runestones (one or more) that were used to create the Glyph. Constructing and deconstructing Glyphs provides experience towards the Enchanting Skill line.  Completing Enchanting Writs also yields experience for the Enchanting Skill line; this in the form of not only the experience gained from the Glyphs required to complete the Writ, but also from the inspiration gained which corresponds to the level of the players Enchanting skill line.

The Enchanting skill line has five passive abilities.

Enchanting skill line

 Aspect Improvement  Aspect Improvement  Max improvement level, 4.  Allows the use of aspect rune stones.
 Potency Improvement  Potency Improvement  Max improvement level, 9.  Allows the use of potency rune stones.
 Keen Eyes: Rune Stones  Keen Eye: Rune Stones  Max improvement level, 3. Runes in the world will be easier to see when you are 20, 30, and then 40 meters close to it.
 Hireling  Hireling  Max improvement level, 3.  When you go offline, a hireling will find Runestones for you.
 Runestone Extraction  Runestone Extraction  Max improvement level, 3.  Increases the chance of extracting each type of Runestone by 3%, 6%, and then 9%.