A Complete List of Green Drink Recipes In The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

What follows is a complete list of Green drink recipes in the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (ESOTU). Recipes are used to create foodstuffs; food and drinks. These foodstuffs provide buffs, and the corresponding Skill Tree is called ‘Provisioning’. If you are more than a casual visitor in Tamriel, then foodstuffs are essential aspect of ESOTU; they provide buffs that are critical for Dungeon crawling and PvP (especially once you reach the Veteran ranks).

Green rarity drinks can be broken down into three distinct categories:

  1. Alcoholic Drinks
  2. Tea
  3. Tonics

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic Drinks provide a buff to health recovery.

Rarity, Green; 35 minute buff duration:

Recipe Level Ingrediant 1 Ingrediant 2 Buff
Golden Lager 1 Wheat 19 HP Recovery
Nut Brown Ale 1 Barley 19 HP Recovery
Red Rye Beer 1 Rye 19 HP Recovery
Bog-Iron Ale 5 Yeast 31 HP Recovery
Mazte 5 Rice 31 HP Recovery
Surilie Syrah Wine 5 Surilie Grapes 31 HP Recovery
Clarified Syrah Wine 10 Surilie Grapes Isinglass 46 HP Recovery
Four-Eye Grog 10 Wheat Seaweed 46 HP Recovery
Lemon Flower Mazte 10 Rice Lemon 46 HP Recovery
Old Clear-Eye Whiskey 15 Barley Isinglass 61 HP Recovery
Red Hippocras 15 Surilie Grapes Ginger 61 HP Recovery
Tawny Port 15 Yeast Metheglin 61 HP Recovery
Barley Nectar 20 Barley Honey 76 HP Recovery
Eltheric Hooch 20 Rye Seaweed 76 HP Recovery
Gossamer Mazte 20 Rice Isinglass 76 HP Recovery
Ginger Wheat Beer 25 Wheat Ginger 91 HP Recovery
Honey Rye 25 Rye Honey 91 HP Recovery
Mermaid Whiskey 25 Barley Seaweed 91 HP Recovery
Mulled Wine 30 Surilie Grapes Metheglin 106 HP Recovery
Sour Mash 30 Barley Lemon 106 HP Recovery
Spiced Mazte 30 Rice Ginger 106 HP Recovery
Nereid Wine 35 Surilie Grapes Seaweed 121 HP Recovery
Rye-in-Your-Eye 35 Rye Metheglin 121 HP Recovery
Sorry, Honey Lager 35 Wheat Honey 121 HP Recovery
Gods-Blind-Me 40 Yeast Isinglass 136 HP Recovery
Cheydinhal Sherry 40 Surilie Grapes Honey 136 HP Recovery
Colovian Amber Ale 40 Wheat Metheglin 136 HP Recovery
Sweet Scamp Mazte 45 Rice Honey 151 HP Recovery
Sour Gin Fizz 45 Yeast Lemon 151 HP Recovery
Whiskey Sour 45 Rye Lemon 151 HP Recovery
Comely Wench Whisky VR1 Rye Ginger 169 HP Recovery
Rimmen Sour Bock VR1 Wheat Lemon 169 HP Recovery
Frothy Sargassum VR1 Yeast Seaweed 169 HP Recovery
Arenthian Brandy VR5 Surilie Grapes Lemon 187 HP Recovery
Summer Sky Pale Ale VR5 Wheat Isinglass 187 HP Recovery
Argonian Mud-Nectar VR5 Rice Seaweed 187 HP Recovery
Alabaster Honey Rum VR10 Yeast Honey 211 HP Recovery
Crystal Tower Whiskey VR10 Rye Isinglass 211 HP Recovery
Palace of Kings Ginger Beer VR10 Barley Ginger 211 HP Recovery


Tea provides a buff to magicka recovery.

Rarity, Green; 35 minute buff duration:

Recipe Level Ingrediant 1 Ingrediant 2 Buff
Jasmine Tea 1 Jasmine 19 MP Recovery
Mint Chai 1 Mint 19 MP Recovery
Rose Herbal Tea 1 Rose 19 MP Recovery
Bitter Tea 5 Bittergreen 31 MP Recovery
Comberry Chai 5 Comberry 31 MP Recovery
Lotus Tea 5 Lotus 31 MP Recovery
Honeyberry Tea 10 Comberry Honey 46 MP Recovery
Morning Reveille Tea 10 Mint Ginger 46 MP Recovery
Sweetsting Tea 10 Lotus Metheglin 46 MP Recovery
Gingerose Tea 15 Rose Ginger 61 MP Recovery
Green Scourgut Tea 15 Bittergreen Seaweed 61 MP Recovery
Sourflower Tea 15 Lotus Lemon 61 MP Recovery
Bitterlemon Tea 20 Bittergreen Lemon 76 MP Recovery
Seaflower Tea 20 Lotus Seaweed 76 MP Recovery
Treacleberry Tea 20 Comberry Metheglin 76 MP Recovery
Enlightenment Tea 25 Lotus Isinglass 91 MP Recovery
Mead de Menthe 25 Mint Metheglin 91 MP Recovery
Thrassian Chai 25 Jasmine Seaweed 91 MP Recovery
Maormer Tea 30 Rose Seaweed 106 MP Recovery
Spiceberry Chai 30 Comberry Ginger 106 MP Recovery
Torval Mint Tea 30 Mint Honey 106 MP Recovery
Pink Profundity 35 Jasmine Isinglass 121 MP Recovery
Puckermint Tea 35 Mint Lemon 121 MP Recovery
Winter Rose Tea 35 Rose Isinglass 121 MP Recovery
Two-Zephyr Tea 40 Rose Lemon 136 MP Recovery
Sweet Slaughterfish Tea 40 Comberry Seaweed 136 MP Recovery
Vivec’s Gingergreen Chai Recipe 40 Bittergreen Ginger 136 MP Recovery
Sweet Dreams Tea 45 Lotus Honey 151 MP Recovery
Jasminger Tea 45 Jasmine Ginger 151 MP Recovery
Camlorn Mint Tea 45 Mint Isinglass 151 MP Recovery
Aetherial Tea VR1 Jasmine Metheglin 169 MP Recovery
Clan Mother’s Cordial VR1 Comberry Isinglass 169 MP Recovery
Mournhold Twister VR1 Bittergreen Honey 169 MP Recovery
Bitter Ritual Tea VR5 Bittergreen Isinglass 187 MP Recovery
Khenarthi’s Wings Chai VR5 Jasmine Honey 187 MP Recovery
Five-Fireball Infusion VR5 Lotus Ginger 187 MP Recovery
Comberry Citrus Quencher VR10 Comberry Lemon 211 MP Recovery
Pirate Queen Mint Tea VR10 Mint Seaweed 211 MP Recovery
Falkreath Rosy Mead Recipe VR10 Rose Metheglin 211 MP Recovery


Tonics provide a buff to stamina recovery.

Rarity, Green; 35 minute buff duration:

Recipe Level Ingrediant 1 Ingrediant 2 Buff
Acai Tonic Infusion 1 Acai Berry 19 ST Recovery
Ginkgo Tonic 1 Ginkgo 19 ST Recovery
Guarana Tonic 1 Guarana 19 ST Recovery
Black Coffee 5 Coffee 31 ST Recovery
Ginseng Tonic 5 Ginseng 31 ST Recovery
Mate Infusion 5 Yerba Mate 31 ST Recovery
Meady-Matey Infusion 10 Yerba Mate Metheglin 46 ST Recovery
Tonsil Tingle Tonic 10 Ginkgo Honey 46 ST Recovery
Yellow Goblin Tonic 10 Ginseng Lemon 46 ST Recovery
Isinmate Infusion 15 Yerba Mate Isinglass 61 ST Recovery
Kelp Kaveh 15 Coffee Seaweed 61 ST Recovery
Sweetberry Tonic 15 Acai Berry Honey 61 ST Recovery
Ginkgo Twist Tonic 20 Ginkgo Metheglin 76 ST Recovery
Taneth Coffee 20 Coffee Honey 76 ST Recovery
Yerba Zinger Tonic 20 Yerba Mate Ginger 76 ST Recovery
Athlete’s Guzzle 25 Acai Berry Lemon 91 ST Recovery
Busy Bee Brew 25 Coffee Metheglin 91 ST Recovery
Ginseng Sling 25 Ginseng Honey 91 ST Recovery
Berrymead Tonic 30 Acai Berry Metheglin 106 ST Recovery
Dancing Grandma 30 Ginkgo Isinglass 106 ST Recovery
Pirate’s Jig Tonic 30 Guarana Seaweed 106 ST Recovery
Crystal Clarity 35 Ginseng Isinglass 121 ST Recovery
Rihad Qishr 35 Coffee Ginger 121 ST Recovery
Seaberry Tonic 35 Acai Berry Seaweed 121 ST Recovery
Blue Road Marathon 40 Guarana Isinglass 136 ST Recovery
Sweet Persistence 40 Yerba Mate Honey 136 ST Recovery
Infernal Infusion 40 Ginseng Ginger 136 ST Recovery
Shimmerene Tonic 45 Acai Berry Isinglass 151 ST Recovery
Lemonic Invigoration 45 Guarana Lemon 151 ST Recovery
Dreugh Spit 45 Ginseng Seaweed 151 ST Recovery
Grandpa’s Bedtime Tonic VR1 Guarana Ginger 169 ST Recovery
Sload Slime VR1 Ginkgo Seaweed 169 ST Recovery
Soothing Sundas Tonic VR1 Yerba Mate Lemon 169 ST Recovery
Sailor’s Second Wind VR5 Yerba Mate Seaweed 187 ST Recovery
Sipping Imga Tonic VR5 Ginkgo Lemon 187 ST Recovery
Wamasu Spew VR5 Ginseng Metheglin 187 ST Recovery
Hasphat’s Sticky Guar Tonic VR10 Guarana Honey 211 ST Recovery
Nocturnal’s Everblack Coffee VR10 Coffee Isinglass 211 ST Recovery
Fyr’s Hyperagonal Potation VR10 Acai Berry Ginger 211 ST Recovery