A Complete List of Blue Drink Recipes In The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

What follows is a complete list of Blue drink recipes in the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (ESOTU). Recipes are used to create foodstuffs; food and drinks. These foodstuffs provide buffs, and the corresponding Skill Tree is called ‘Provisioning’. If you are more than a casual visitor in Tamriel, then foodstuffs are essential aspect of ESOTU; they provide buffs that are critical for Dungeon crawling and PvP (especially once you reach the Veteran ranks).

Blue rarity drinks can be broken down into three distinct categories:

  1. Liqueurs
  2. Tinctures
  3. Cordial Teas


Liqueurs provide a buff to health and magicka recovery.

Rarity, Blue; 1 hour buff duration:

Recipe Level Ingrediant 1 Ingrediant 2 Ingrediant 3 Buff
Clamberskull 10 Rice Bittergreen 41 HP/MG Recovery
Cloudrest Golden Ale 10 Yeast Lotus 41 HP/MG Recovery
Skingrad Muscat 10 Surilie Grapes Comberry 41 HP/MG Recovery
Creme de Menthe 15 Rye Mint 53 HP/MG Recovery
Jasmine Moonshine 15 Barley Jasmine 53 HP/MG Recovery
Rose Lager 15 Wheat Rose 53 HP/MG Recovery
Clarified Rose Lager 20 Wheat Rose Isinglass 65 HP/MG Recovery
Horker’s Breath 20 Yeast Mint Ginger 65 HP/MG Recovery
Sujamma 20 Barley Comberry Lemon 65 HP/MG Recovery
Bitter Remorse Ale 25 Wheat Bittergreen Ginger 77 HP/MG Recovery
Spriggan Sap 25 Rye Lotus Lemon 77 HP/MG Recovery
Truth-Glimpse 25 Barley Mint Isinglass 77 HP/MG Recovery
Double Clarified Mazte 30 Rice Bittergreen Isinglass 89 HP/MG Recovery
Sanguine’s Temptation 30 Barley Lotus Honey 89 HP/MG Recovery
Sweet Lemonale 30 Wheat Comberry Lemon 89 HP/MG Recovery
Night-Grog 35 Yeast Comberry Ginger 101 HP/MG Recovery
Riften Rye 35 Rye Bittergreen Metheglin 101 HP/MG Recovery
Summer Mazte 35 Rice Rose Lemon 101 HP/MG Recovery
Rosy Island Ale 40 Yeast Rose Seaweed 113 HP/MG Recovery
Wizard’s Whiskey 40 Wheat Mint Lemon 113 HP/MG Recovery
Sweet and Sour Port 40 Surilie Grapes Bittergreen Metheglin 113 HP/MG Recovery
Anequina Stout 45 Barley Bittergreen Lemon 125 HP/MG Recovery
Black Night Cordial 45 Rice Comberry Seaweed 125 HP/MG Recovery
Sylph Gin 45 Yeast Lotus Honey 125 HP/MG Recovery
Comberry Bourbon VR1 Rye Comberry Metheglin 142 HP/MG Recovery
Honeyhips Brown Ale VR1 Barley Rose Honey 142 HP/MG Recovery
Hunt-Wife’s Grog VR1 Yeast Bittergreen Isinglass 142 HP/MG Recovery
Breton Pint of Bitters VR5 Barley Bittergreen Isinglass 156 HP/MG Recovery
Old Sweetheart Stout VR5 Wheat Mint Honey 156 HP/MG Recovery
Blue Banekin Beer VR5 Yeast Jasmine Ginger 156 HP/MG Recovery
Saint Pelin’s Tawny Port VR10 Yeast Rose Lemon 176 HP/MG Recovery
Yokudan Sorrow Bourbon VR10 Rye Lotus Seaweed 176 HP/MG Recovery
Clavicus Vines Chenin Blanc VR10 Surilie Grapes Jasmine Metheglin 176 HP/MG Recovery


Tinctures provide a buff to health and stamina recovery.

Rarity, Blue; 1 hour buff duration:

Recipe Level Ingrediant 1 Ingrediant 2 Ingrediant 3 Buff
Kaveh Stout 10 Rye Coffee 41 HP/ST Recovery
Stand-Me-Up Lager 10 Wheat Guarana 41 HP/ST Recovery
Timber Mammoth Ale 10 Barley Ginseng 41 HP/ST Recovery
Acai Dry Mazte 15 Rice Acai Berry 53 HP/ST Recovery
Ginkgo Lightning 15 Yeast Ginkgo 53 HP/ST Recovery
Yerba Syrah Wine 15 Surilie Grapes Yerba Mate 53 HP/ST Recovery
Bravil Mead 20 Rice Yerba Mate Honey 65 HP/ST Recovery
Elinhir Qishr 20 Yeast Coffee Ginger 65 HP/ST Recovery
West Weald Wallop 20 Surilie Grapes Acai Berry Isinglass 65 HP/ST Recovery
Drowned Sailor Ale 25 Yeast Ginseng Seaweed 77 HP/ST Recovery
Ginger Port 25 Surilie Grapes Yerba Mate Ginger 77 HP/ST Recovery
Ginkgo Double Brandy 25 Rice Ginkgo Honey 77 HP/ST Recovery
Fulmination Ale 30 Yeast Ginkgo Ginger 89 HP/ST Recovery
Sour Guar Shein 30 Surilie Grapes Guarana Lemon 89 HP/ST Recovery
Vvardenfell Flin 30 Rye Ginseng Seaweed 89 HP/ST Recovery
Imperial Stout 35 Barley Guarana Metheglin 101 HP/ST Recovery
Pyandonea Merlot 35 Surilie Grapes Ginseng Seaweed 101 HP/ST Recovery
Vigilance Gold Ale 35 Wheat Coffee Lemon 101 HP/ST Recovery
Dark Seducer 40 Rice Acai Berry Honey 113 HP/ST Recovery
Stalwart Stout 40 Barley Yerba Mate Isinglass 113 HP/ST Recovery
Boethiah’s Breath 40 Rye Guarana Ginger 113 HP/ST Recovery
Narsis Wickwheat Ale 45 Wheat Yerba Mate Isinglass 125 HP/ST Recovery
Spicy Wyress Wine 45 Surilie Grapes Ginkgo Ginger 125 HP/ST Recovery
White-Eye Whiskey 45 Rye Acai Berry Lemon 125 HP/ST Recovery
Blacklight Ginger Mazte VR1 Rice Guarana Ginger 142 HP/ST Recovery
Jephre’s Earthbone Beer VR1 Wheat Acai Berry Lemon 142 HP/ST Recovery
Kvatch Watch Grenache VR1 Surilie Grapes Coffee Seaweed 142 HP/ST Recovery
Crow’s Nest Rye VR5 Rye Coffee Seaweed 156 HP/ST Recovery
Surilie Bros. White Merlot VR5 Surilie Grapes Ginkgo Lemon 156 HP/ST Recovery
Necrom Nights Mazte VR5 Rice Ginseng Metheglin 156 HP/ST Recovery
Happy Ogrim Amber Ale VR10 Wheat Ginkgo Honey 176 HP/ST Recovery
Psijic Sage’s Mazte VR10 Rice Yerba Mate Isinglass 176 HP/ST Recovery
Stendarr’s Vigilance Ginger Ale VR10 Barley Coffee Ginger 176 HP/ST Recovery

Cordial Teas
Cordial Teas provide a buff to magicka and stamina recovery.

Rarity, Blue; 1 hour buff duration:

Recipe Level Ingrediant 1 Ingrediant 2 Ingrediant 3 Buff
Blackwood Mint Chai 10 Mint Acai Berry 41 MG/ST Recovery
Herbflower Tea 10 Rose Yerba Mate 41 MG/ST Recovery
Lillandril Tonic Tea 10 Jasmine Ginkgo 41 MG/ST Recovery
Bitter Kaveh 15 Bittergreen Coffee 53 MG/ST Recovery
Comberry Tonic 15 Comberry Guarana 53 MG/ST Recovery
Tsaesci Tea 15 Lotus Ginseng 53 MG/ST Recovery
Dibella’s Kiss Tea 20 Bittergreen Ginkgo Metheglin 65 MG/ST Recovery
Jasrana Tea Tonic 20 Jasmine Guarana Lemon 65 MG/ST Recovery
Pondwater Tea 20 Lotus Ginseng Seaweed 65 MG/ST Recovery
Azura’s Rose Tea 25 Rose Guarana Isinglass 77 MG/ST Recovery
Celestial Tonic Tea 25 Jasmine Acai Berry Metheglin 77 MG/ST Recovery
Cornerclub Kaveh 25 Comberry Coffee Lemon 77 MG/ST Recovery
Mintmead Kaveh 30 Mint Coffee Metheglin 89 MG/ST Recovery
Pink Wisdom Tea 30 Rose Acai Berry Isinglass 89 MG/ST Recovery
Sweet Scented Infusion 30 Jasmine Yerba Mate Honey 89 MG/ST Recovery
Jasminkgo Tonic 35 Jasmine Ginkgo Honey 101 MG/ST Recovery
Silver Lotusberry Tea 35 Lotus Acai Berry Isinglass 101 MG/ST Recovery
Tingle Tonic Tea 35 Mint Yerba Mate Ginger 101 MG/ST Recovery
Serene Awareness 40 Lotus Coffee Lemon 113 MG/ST Recovery
Midnight Ritual Tea 40 Comberry Ginkgo Seaweed 113 MG/ST Recovery
Chthonic Tonic 40 Jasmine Ginseng Metheglin 113 MG/ST Recovery
Centurion’s Friend Kaveh 45 Jasmine Coffee Seaweed 125 MG/ST Recovery
Elven Maiden Tea 45 Mint Guarana Metheglin 125 MG/ST Recovery
Strapping Lad Tonic 45 Rose Ginseng Honey 125 MG/ST Recovery
Mage’s Mead VR1 Lotus Ginkgo Metheglin 142 MG/ST Recovery
First Kiss Tea VR1 Mint Ginseng Honey 142 MG/ST Recovery
Senchal Dancer Tonic VR1 Jasmine Yerba Mate Isinglass 142 MG/ST Recovery
Telvanni Tea VR5 Lotus Acai Berry Honey 156 MG/ST Recovery
Ten Ogres Tonic VR5 Rose Yerba Mate Metheglin 156 MG/ST Recovery
Ginger Guar Smoothie VR5 Comberry Guarana Ginger 156 MG/ST Recovery
Balfiera Herbal Tonic VR10 Comberry Ginseng Lemon 176 MG/ST Recovery
Mint Mudcrab Mojito VR10 Mint Guarana Seaweed 176 MG/ST Recovery
Tonal Architect Tonic VR10 Bittergreen Acai Berry Metheglin 176 MG/ST Recovery