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PvP Changes Desperately Needed For ESO Post Update 3

Cyrodill During the War of the Alliances.

With the changes added to the Elder Scrolls Online with Update 3 (see here), PvP has enjoyed some improvement however not without problems along the way. The non-Veteran campaign is a great idea; however limiting non-Veteran players to one campaign

ESO Update 4, Inbound September or Craglorn Part Deux

A new video published on the official Elder Scrolls Online website reveals Update 4, due in September. Update 4 revisits Craglorn with new content. Woot!

With Monday’s ESO Patch, An Opportunity for Me to Build A Better Sorcerer

Yesterday’s patch for the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) presents me with an opportunity to respec my Vet 12 Sorcerer; with an emphasis on PvP. As I research the subject, here are a selection of articles I have found discussing just

ESO Update Today, Changes, Major and Minor

If you play the Elder Scrolls Online then you likely have encountered today’s update; which brought changes, major and minor. You can see the patch notes here. The most notable change was the removale of the original PvP campaigns and

ESO European Megaserver Update or Finally a Proper European Megaserver!

An update has been posted on the official Elder Scrolls Online website regarding the European Megaserver; you can read it here. Today marks the day that our European ESO friends get their own Megaserver based in Europe. While the downtown

Shameless Bump, Woot!

My article on the Yokudan has been mentioned in issue 66 of the Tamriel Chronicle; you can see the most recent Tamriel Chronicle, issue 66, on the official Elder Scrolls Online website by clicking here.

The Yokudan and Redguard In Review

If your interested, I have an article on Tamriel Foundry on the mythos of ESO related to the Yokudan and Redguard; the article looks at these peoples and their portrayal juxtaposed again’st how they are mentioned in prior ES games. You

The Future of The Elder Scrolls Online Panel from QuakeCon 2014

The following video is of the Future of The Elder Scrolls Online panel from QuakCon 2014:

From Quakecon Comes New Preview Videos For ESO Including the Imperial City

The following preview videos from Quakecon reflect a plethora of changes coming to the Elder Scrolls Online; including the Imperial City, a new Adventure Zone, the Justice System, and the one I’m most excited about: Orsinium.

Guild Crest Preview

The official Elder Scrolls Online site has a preview of the Guild Crests that will be available in Update 3; you can see it by clicking here. Here are some images from the thread itself: