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Great Information Released on ESO Update 4, Craglorn Part Deux

Recently there has been quite a bit of new information released on the official Elder Scrolls Online website regarding Update 4 for ESO. To start with, Update 4 is available on the PTS for those interested in an early go

ESO Update 4, Inbound September or Craglorn Part Deux

A new video published on the official Elder Scrolls Online website reveals Update 4, due in September. Update 4 revisits Craglorn with new content. Woot!

Craglorn Will Be Live Following ESO Patch v1.1.2

Following the 8:00AM (NA Megaserver at least) patch for v1.1.2 of the Elder Srolls Online, Craglorn will finally be live and available for play. This morning saw the release of the extensive release notes for those interested.

Craglorn Coming Tomorrow?

The following PSA on the ESO forums suggests Craglorn may go live tomorrow after the morning updates: Maintenance for Patch 1.1.2 starts Thursday at 8AM EDT for the North American megaserver and 10PM EDT for the European megaserver.

Craglorn Incoming For Memorial Day Weekend!

IGN is giving good new for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend; that Craglorn will be released this week. Awesome!

Craglorn 101

In early April a new area was announced on the ESO site (here) called Craglorn; a new area/zone in Tamriel, just east of the Daggerfall Covenant territories and intended for groups. The Craglorn site is here. Craglorn will be like other

Craglorn, New ESO Zone

ESO has a new zone incoming. This new zone is intended for groups of 4 with content included for groups of 12. You can read the post on the ESO site here. It appears from the video (below) and the