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The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition

It has been announced that a new edition of The Elder Scrolls Online is planned for release; The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition. This version comes complete with the first four DLC, a mount (the Palomino horse), and 500 crowns.

Shadows of the Hist, ESOs New DLC

ESO Update 11 Shadows of the Hist

Launch details are now available on Update 11, Shadows of the Hist, the next DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online. This new DLC is currently available on the PTS; it is launching on the PC and Mac on August 1st, and

The Mages Guild in Review

The Mages Guild

If your interested, I have an article on Tamriel Journal on the mythos of ESO related to the Mages Guild; the article looks at the Mages Guild and their portrayal juxtaposed again’st how they are mentioned in prior ES games. You can read

Trial Accounts Inbound for ESO?

Some sleuthing by Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) community members playing Update 5 on the PTS suggest ESO may be receiving Trial Accounts soon. You can read more here on the official ESO forums; via a thread on Reddit. Quoting from

Dwemer Crafting Style Inbound, Hurray!

One of the new features coming with Update 5 is the Dwemer crafting style; this style sits along a number of features such as hoursing, and the Thieves Guild which are long over due for the Elder Scrolls Online. Currently

Elder Scrolls Online Guild Summit 2014

Youtube user Shawn Brunelle has uploaded a slew of audio captures from the Guild Summit for the Elder Scrolls Online that occurred recently. The discussions between the developers of the game and the leads of a selection of ESO’s prominent

Lets Not Fight Again

I’ve spent the last week, and in particularly this past weekend knee deep in the Elder Scrolls Online. Upper Craglorn is blast; so if you haven’t enjoyed the content, you have something nice to look forward to. In fact, I

ESO Update 4 Has Arrived

If your like me then you’ve taken a hiatus from the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) awaiting more content; well today the wait is over. Update 4 has arrived for those of us on the North American megaserver this morning; bringing

Zenimax Online Studios Hit By More Layoffs

Feeling Blue by ZoS Layoffs

Unfortunately Zenimax Online Studios (ZoS) has suffered more layoffs; you can read more here on Massively @ Joystiq. This should feel familiar given that it is the second time; the first being at their Customer Service center in Ireland, and

Great Information Released on ESO Update 4, Craglorn Part Deux

Recently there has been quite a bit of new information released on the official Elder Scrolls Online website regarding Update 4 for ESO. To start with, Update 4 is available on the PTS for those interested in an early go