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The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition

It has been announced that a new edition of The Elder Scrolls Online is planned for release; The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition. This version comes complete with the first four DLC, a mount (the Palomino horse), and 500 crowns.

Shadows of the Hist, ESOs New DLC

ESO Update 11 Shadows of the Hist

Launch details are now available on Update 11, Shadows of the Hist, the next DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online. This new DLC is currently available on the PTS; it is launching on the PC and Mac on August 1st, and

Runeboxes in the Imperial City with the TESO Dark Brotherood DLC

Runeboxes TESO Darkbrotherhood DLC

With the launch of the Dark Brotherhood DLC, one addition, a little nugget that almost escaped my attention, is the addition of Runeboxes in the Imperial City; there will be three with each corresponding to a Polymorph available in the

Great Comparison Video of Kvatch in Oblivion and in TESO Dark Brotherhood DLC

I found this great video on the official TESO forums showing a comparison of Kvatch in TES Oblivion and in the TESO Dark Brotherhood DLC; the cities of Anvil and Kvatch are in the Gold Coast, the new zone in

ESOTU Dark Brotherhood DLC in bound May 31 2016 available on PTS today

ESOTU DarkBrotherhood DLC in bound May 31 2016

Launch details are available today for the new DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited. The DLC will launch May 31st; with the content arriving on the PTS today.  Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can expect the game

Removal of Veteran Ranks in ESO, What We Know

With the launch of the new Elder Scrolls Online DLC Dark Brotherhood we will see the removal of Veteran ranks; while much is still unknown, we do know some things. For one thing, these changes have been considered and floated

First Look at the Dark Brotherhood DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online

Dark Brotherhood DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online

We now have some solid information on the new DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online: the Dark Brotherhood. A brief overview of the new content: with the Dark Brotherhood DLC we can expect to see a new Guild in the form

I’m Loving the Sorcerer Changes in the Thieve’s Guild DLC!

With the new Thieve’s Guild DLC update live, we see a number of new changes including a valuable change to the Sorcerer class; you can read the Patch Notes for a full list of what was included in the Thieve’s

The Thieve’s Guild DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited Is Here!

ESOTU Thieves Guild DLC

The Thieve’s Guild, the third DLC installment for The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited is here; and is being received well by fans. The new DLC brings new content including the new zone Hew’s Bane, the Thieves Guild and accompanying

Have You Been Enjoying Orsinium?

Orsinium is finally here. I’ve been enjoying my time traveling through Wrothgar; the new zone and content, including unique stories, characters, monsters and the like, is quite good. The ambiance for this zone is great; including the setting and the