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New Crown Store Items Are Coming

ESO Doom Wolf Mount

A new selection of Crown Store items are coming soon. The new items include costumes, a mount, and pets. The new Crown Store items are: Costumes Priest of the Green  – available July 7th. Breton Hero Armour – available for a

There is New Stock Coming to the Crown Store ESOTU

ESOTU Northern Lynx Pet

There is new stock coming to the Crown Store; you can check out the official post here. The new selection includes new Pets, a Mount, a Costume, and the long overdue additional Character Slots. Also included in this upcoming batch

Great New Crown Store Items Inbound Including Dragon Priest Costume

Dragon Priest Costume

New merchandise is inbound for the Crown Store, including a Dragon Priest costume, and a Dro-m’Athra Senche mount.

New Crown Store Content: Costumes, a Mount, and a Pet!

Frost Mare

There are four new items coming to the Crown store soon. This includes the Ashlander Costume pack with three unique Ashlander costumes; the Limited Availability Frost Mare mount; the Abecean Ratter Cat pet; and the Evening dress costume. The Frost