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My Experience With The Toxic Tornado Stamina, Ricochet Sorcerer Build

I have used the Tornado Stamina/Ricochet Sorcerer Build now for about a fortnight and I’m ready to move on. My experience was mixed. This build is one of Deltia’s builds. I think the real issues I had resulted from two things:

Sorcerer Build, The Ancient Paladin, PvE And Dungeon Healer

Ancient Paladin Sorcerer Healer Build

In this post I will outline the first notable build I have used in the Elder Scrolls Online. This is for my Sorcerer, a Breton Vampire, Daggerfall Covenant, VR16; although I used this principally at VR14. I am calling this

Seeking A Superior Sorcerer Build in ESOTU

Although I’ve been playing in ESOTO since beta, I would hardly consider myself anything but an amateur when it comes to builds. My main character is a Sorcerer, a Breton in the Daggerfall Covenant. With the release of the Imperial