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Destiny Launches Today in North America


Today is Destiny’s launch in North America, if your like me, you can’t wait to get home and get knee deep in the action. Hope to see you all online tonight!

Archeage Open Beta Finishes, Total Cluster Fuck

Archeage’s Open Beta has come to a close; and the verdict? It was like trudging through a bog. I had headaches from the low frame rate. Ostensibly this was caused by the attacks on the Publisher’s services; one can hope.

Archeage Pulled from Steam

For those who haven’t noticed, prior to the release of Archeage, on the 16th of this month, the game has been pulled from Steam. Why this has happened is not clear; it would seem logical that multiple vendors offering the

Just Played Defiance for the First Time


I just played Defiance for the first time; good graphics, environment, action, but the enemy AI leaves a great deal to be desired. It’s definitely worth the try though as a Free to Play game. Defiance is a Sci-Fi themed

ArcheAge Inbound, Releases September 16th with Open Beta Underway


I’ve been hoping for an opportunity to try out ArcheAge; yesterday the open beta began. ArcheAge has been available to a number of communities and is now looking at a release here in North America; with Trion publishing it. The

XL Games Upcoming MMORPG ArcheAge

ArcheAge is an MMORPG from XL Games launched in South Korea in January of 2013; the game is currently being developed for western markets and will be published in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand by Trion Worlds. Described

EverQuest Next vs Landmark

Massively has a great write up on the differences between EverQuest Next and Landmark; whether your familiar with the properties or are completely new, it is a good read. Both are still in development and shaping up to be interesting

Asheron’s Call 1 & 2 Going F2P

Woot! Asheron’s Call going free to play in August, read more here.

Fuck You John Carmack, JK Dick, ATWD

According to Joystiq, Zenimax Media has finally filed suit against Oculus VR: for misappropriation and commercial exploitation of “copyrighted code, trade secrets, and ‘technical know-how'” in relation to Oculus’ virtual reality tech.

MMO Events A Plenty!

A number of MMOs have got events going on now: Age of Conan’s six anniversery, see here. Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus one year anniversary, see here. World of Tanks & World of Warplanes have been having specials and events