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WoW, Failed to create pet battle

I’ve recently gotten back into World of Warcraft. I’ve been playing without a subscription so my account defaults to a ‘Starter Account‘; which has certain limitations. Unfortunately one of those was access to Pet Battles. What is peculiar about this

World of Warcraft Legion, Cinematic Trailer

Check out the cinematic trailer for Blizzard’s new World of Warcraft expansion, Legion: ETA Summer, 2016; the pre-purchase to include a level 100 character boost.

MMORPGs: The Best of the Best

Which MMORPGs are the best? For me, the question is a matter of quality, where the quality is a function of how often, and how much, is changed and improved in the game through updates; ideally these updates are regular,

Some New Gaming Swag for Myself, From the Bargain Bin;)

I was at Walmart and found some nice Steel Series accessories, a mouse, and headphones. The mouse is World of Warcraft themed. There was actually a Diablo III mouse but I opted for the WoW alternative; I’m happy. ESO now

Are you level 100?

World of Warcraft’s new expansion, Warlords of Draenor launched yesterday. If your like me your ready to jump into the action. Among other content, the game sees a new level cap of 100. I personally can’t wait to get my