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SWTOR Companion Gift Guides

SWTOR Imperial companion gift guide

While looking for some quick references for companion gifts in SWTOR, I found these great guides originally published by; enjoy!

SWTOR, Where Are My Escrowed Credits?

I recently came back to SWTOR from a hiatus. I had had a large amount of credits (or what seemed like that) for one of my characters. My understanding at when I left was that my credits in excess of

SWTOR, Crafting Bonuses, The Complete Guide

Crafting Bonuses, The Complete Guide

I was looking online for some pointers on Crew Skills and stumbled onto this great image; if you haven’t seen it, enjoy!

SWTOR, Collections And Your Account

I found myself wondering today about how Collections work for SWTOR. You can access your Collections interface from the Collections button in the Cartal Market and Inventory screens. For items that are purchased, and bound to a character; those that

SWTOR, How Can I Change My Character’s Title?

SWTOR - Change Character Title

While starting back into Star Wars: The Old Republic recently I was left asking myself how I could change my characters title. This is a simple thing to do. Bring up the Character Panel; in my case the default button, ‘c’

SWTOR, Why Is My Character Walking Slowly?

I recently was playing SWTOR and my character began walking slowly; having been moving at a brisk pace. To be clear, I wasn’t using the Sprint buff. After some digging online I found that I had accidentally hit the ‘/’

Star Wars Knights of the Fallen Empire

Recently in between ESOTU and LoTRO I’ve been playing some more SWTOR. The new Knights of the Fallen Empire DLC looks enticing; and I’ve been really enjoying the 12x XP boost which ends soon.

MMORPGs: The Best of the Best

Which MMORPGs are the best? For me, the question is a matter of quality, where the quality is a function of how often, and how much, is changed and improved in the game through updates; ideally these updates are regular,