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LoTRO Deed Guide: The History of the Dúnedain

The History of the Dunedain Map in Bree-Land

The History of the Dúnedain is a Deed available early in the Lord of the Rings Online. It is available in Bree-Land, the starter zone for the race of men. The Deed simply involves finding 6 objects of interest throughout Bree-Land related

LoTRO Store Sale, 20% Off 1 Year VIP, as Well as Shared Storage, Inventory Slots and More!

The current LoTRO store sale offers 20% off  a number of great account and character upgrades; including 1 year VIP, Shared Storage, Inventory Slots, Vault Upgrades, Currency Cap, and Shared Wardrobe. The sale is on now and ends on the 23rd

MMORPGs: The Best of the Best

Which MMORPGs are the best? For me, the question is a matter of quality, where the quality is a function of how often, and how much, is changed and improved in the game through updates; ideally these updates are regular,