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New Crown Store Content Including Experience Booster

Experience Boosters now available in crown store.

There is new content available in the crown store including an Experience Booster and a new mount. The new mount is the Senche-Lioness; selling for 1800 crowns.

Skyrim, It’s 44XXXIVIV!

Conan O’Birien reviews Skyrim:

20 Percent Savings in the Bethesda Store through the 22nd

The Bethesda Store has been having a sale dubbed the E3 Sale, offering 20% on select products; you can visit there site here.

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A VR10 Green Recipe in ESOTU.

I’ve added two listings of the Green recipes, both food and drink, for the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited: A Complete List of Green Food Recipes in ESOTU A Complete List of Green Drink Recipes in ESOTU

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Some Useful Videos on the New Dwemer Motif/Pages and Materials

Some useful videos regarding the new Dwemer motif/pages and materials; including one on farming them.

ESO Update 5 Inbound Next Week

The word on the official ESO forums is that Update 5 is inbound for next week; can’t wait! You can read the patch notes here.  Changes include the new Dwemer crafting style; additions related to questing for the Undaunted; and

Lunch Break Trip to Gamestop, Destiny and ESO Bargin Bin Find

Just Bought Destiny!

Just picked up my pre-order copy of Destiny at Gamestop; and scored an Elder Scrolls Online T-Shirt on the cheap.

Landmark Founders Packs, 66% off for 48 Hours On Steam

Landmark The Game

For anyone interested in Landmark; the Founders Packs are 66% off for the next two days on Steam:

Playing the Landmark Closed Beta, Woot!

I started playing in the Landmark closed beta last night; very fun! The graphics and sound in this game are great; actually the music is excellent. I have only done a little bit so far in the game, having played