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Dark Brotherhood Available on PTS Now, and NatchPotes!

Dark Brotherhood DLC Bundle

The Dark Brotherhood DLC is now live on the PTS; you can view the Patch Notes here. The patch notes are quite in-depth; I personally will be diving into the changes head first. I’m eager to see the new content

Orsinium DLC Collector’s Bundle Available At DLC Launch

A Collector’s Bundle will be available in the crown store when the DLC launches. For 5000 crowns it will include the base DLC, the bear mount, the bear cub pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls. If you are going to buy

New Crown Store Content Ready for Halloween

A collection of new crown store content is being readied for this October. This includes two costume packs, the Imperial Battlemage Pack, and the Imperial Officer Pack; two Polymorphs; a mount, and a pet. I’m personally looking forward to the new

Everything We Know To Date About Fallout 4, And More

Fallout 4

Fallout 4, the much anticipated sequel to Fallout 3, is due November 10 for PC and Consoles (both PS4 and XBOX One). Prior to the release of Fallout 4 we will see the release of the Fallout Anthology containing all

Sorcerer Build, The Ancient Paladin, PvE And Dungeon Healer

Ancient Paladin Sorcerer Healer Build

In this post I will outline the first notable build I have used in the Elder Scrolls Online. This is for my Sorcerer, a Breton Vampire, Daggerfall Covenant, VR16; although I used this principally at VR14. I am calling this

In Pictures: VR14 Daedric Medium Armor

Daedric Armor, Medium, VR14, Purple

Today’s picture shows the style of Daedric Medium Armor, VR14 level, improved to the Epic (Purple) rating. The helmet in this case is Urata’s Mask of Mockery.

Login Issues for Consoles in the EU

Both EU console servers are being patched today to deal with login issues; click here to read more.

In Pictures: VR3 Medium Imperial Armour

A picture of VR3 medium armour, styled with the Imperial style, and improved twice to the blue improvement rating.

Flags and Banners from the Elder Scrolls Online

I stumbled by chance onto the excellent works of okiir on Deviant Art; s/he has done some excellent representations of Flags and Banners from the Elder Scrolls Online as well as other Zenimax properties. You can see the Daggerfall Covenant

New Content in the Library

I’ve finished adding the rest of the recipes in the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited to the Library. The recipes are broken down by color rarity:   A Complete List of Green Food Recipes in ESOTU A Complete List of