New Crown Store Items Are Coming

A new selection of Crown Store items are coming soon. The new items include costumes, a mount, and pets.

The new Crown Store items are:


  1. Priest of the Green  – available July 7th.
  2. Breton Hero Armour – available for a limited time, July 21st to July 25th.
  3. Rumare Waterfront Casual Wear – available July 28th.
  4. City Isle Tunic Dress – available July 28th.


The Doom Wolf Mount – available for a limited time, July 21st to July 25th.


  1. Colovian Badger – available July 7th.
  2. Turquoise Nixad – available July 7th.

Additionally on August 1st the following will be removed from the Crown Store:


  • Priest of the Green
  • Song of the Night Ensemble
  • Toxin Doctor
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Treethane Ceremonial Dress
  • Tribal Shamans Pack
  • Winterborn Reach Costume Pack
  • Winter Scouts Pack


  • Banded Guar Charger


  • Baby Netch
  • Banekin
  • Blue Oasis Frog
  • Bravil Retriever
  • Sanguine’s Black Goat
  • Turquoise Nixad
  • Windhelm Wolfhound