There is New Stock Coming to the Crown Store ESOTU

There is new stock coming to the Crown Store; you can check out the official post here. The new selection includes new Pets, a Mount, a Costume, and the long overdue additional Character Slots. Also included in this upcoming batch will be the first two hats offered in the Crown Store.

The Silvenari Felt Bycoket (left) and the Z’en Vengeance Kiss-Me-Not Cap (right) will both be available June 30th on all platforms.

With the addition of Poison making in the upcoming DLC, the Costumes includes a Toxin Doctor (left) costume suitable for the role of poison maker; available on all platforms on June 23rd.  Additionally we will be seeing a Treethane Ceremonial Dress (right) costume; available on all platforms on June 30th.


Two new pets are incoming. The Northern Lynx (left), available on June 23rd; and the Sylvan Nixad available on PC, May 31st, and for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, on June 14th.

The Highland Wolf Mount

ESOTU Highland Wolf Mount


Available for PC, May 31st, the Highland Wolf Mount is a mount that players have been dreaming of for quite some time. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will get access on June 14.