Runeboxes in the Imperial City with the TESO Dark Brotherood DLC

With the launch of the Dark Brotherhood DLC, one addition, a little nugget that almost escaped my attention, is the addition of Runeboxes in the Imperial City; there will be three with each corresponding to a Polymorph available in the Imperial City. They will have a steep cost in Tel Var Stones, however they will be sellable; obviously they will be quite costly in gold. I found this screenshot in the official forums which tipped me off to the subject:

Runeboxes TESO Darkbrotherhood DLC

Quoting from the Patch Notes:

You can now purchase Runeboxes from the Tel Var General Merchants in Imperial City in exchange for a substantial number of Tel Var Stones.

  • Runeboxes are special containers. Each one has a specific Collectible inside; the three introduced in this update have the Xivkyn Polymorphs that were previously only obtainable through rare drops in other Tel Var-purchased containers.
  • Unlike the Collectibles themselves (or most other containers), Runeboxes can be traded, mailed, or sold on Guild Stores.
  • Opening a Runebox will bind it to your account; however, you can only open a Runebox if you do not already own the Collectible contained inside.