Removal of Veteran Ranks in ESO, What We Know

With the launch of the new Elder Scrolls Online DLC Dark Brotherhood we will see the removal of Veteran ranks; while much is still unknown, we do know some things. For one thing, these changes have been considered and floated for quite some time; we have known they would be implemented since at least late in 2015 (see a quote from Rich Lambert’s post on the subject below).

For the moment, here is what we do know on the subject of Veteran Rank removal from ESOTU:

  1. With the removal of Veteran Ranks the highest rank will be level 50; as such you can expect your level 50+ characters to become level 50 again.
  2. The emphasis once you reach level 50 will be on Champion Points; in theory this should impact things like gear.
  3. For gear that is Veteran Ranked, there will be a basic formula of 1 rank corresponding to 10 Champion Points; as such a VR16 piece of gear will require 160 Champion Points to use hower:
  4. When VR ranks are removed there will be a conversion of 2.5 Champion Points for every VR rank of your highest Veteran Ranked Character; so if your highest is VR 4, that would equal 10 points, but: if you will be gifted enough points sufficient to meet the requirements for the gear you had used that was VR 4 ranked.  So (from number 3 above), a VR 4 piece of armor will require 40 Champion Points, if you only had 20 to begin with, and gained 10 from conversion, you will be gifted the remaining 10 points to balance things out.

With the new system, there will be no need to grind character by character; but rather each level 50 will  earn Champion Points (just as before) which will enable the use of increasingly better gear.

Quoting from Rich Lambert’s post on this subject circa November 2015.

ZOS_RichLambert wrote: »
A little context here before this gets too out of hand…

  1. We’re still working on the system – nothing is finalized. (which is why we’re not really talking much about it yet)
  2. The intention is that once you hit 50, champion points take over. Veteran Ranks are completely removed.
  3. When Veteran Ranks are removed, we will convert any Veteran Ranks on your highest character into CP.
  4. To get a rough idea of balance – think of 10CP = 1 VR. (so 160 CP will roughly = VR16)

Additional Details:

  • We’re planning on giving 2.5 CP for every VR level you’ve earned on your highest level character. (40 for a VR16 character)
  • When the conversion happens, any player with CP less than their old veteran rank * 10 will instead be given enough CP such that their total is VR * 10. For example: A player is VR14 with 75 CP, they will be given 65 CP (140-75) instead of 40, so that they can still equip any gear they may have.
  • We will make sure the 16 attribute picks you got from VR1 to VR16 will carry over. (current plan is an achievement that goes up in 10 CP increments until 160)

Keep in mind that none of the stuff above is 100% locked in. We’re still implementing the feature – things are subject to change. It’s important that everyone understands they are not suddenly going to have to have 501 CP in order to equip the top level gear. We will introduce new gear, with higher CP requirements sometime in the future, but we won’t be making huge jumps. (i.e. – we won’t go from 160 to 400 suddenly)

Once we finalize the system and lock in more of the details, we will discuss things in more detail and answer questions.