First Look at the Dark Brotherhood DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online

We now have some solid information on the new DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online: the Dark Brotherhood. A brief overview of the new content: with the Dark Brotherhood DLC we can expect to see a new Guild in the form of the Dark Brotherhood. I would like to personally see some implementation in the game that takes into account the conflict-of-interest between Guilds; being a member of either the Thieve’s Guild or Dark Brotherhood should cause an issue when being a member of the Mages Guild or Fighters Guild. This is my two-cents; I believe a similar implementation exists in Morrowind. I do not see any indication of this for the new Dark Brotherhood DLC. With the new Guild you will now be able to join 5 guilds total (presuming you have the Thieve’s Guild DLC and Dark Brotherhood DLC when it releases): Mages Guild, Fighter’s Guild, Undaunted, Thieve’s Guild, and Dark Brotherhood. In the new DLC we will have access to the Gold Coast, including the cities of Anvil and Kvatch:

Gold Coast Location

The location of the Gold Coast with respect to Cyrodiil. The Gold Coast is the western most portion of the province of Cyrodiil and North of what is Aldmeri Dominion Territory.


Given the location of the Gold Coast I am inclined to wonder as to the presence of the Imperials as a faction; if the area is still fully under the control of the Imperials, or controlled perhaps by the Aldmeri Dominion, or contested in some way. I would love to see this as an Imperial Stronghold; we don’t really have a zone like this (as Cyrodiil proper in ESO in heavily contested). It will be great to have the Gold Coast, along with Anvil and Kvatch in ESO; these were last seen in the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Like the Thieve’s Guild DLC, Dark Brotherhood will have:

  • A new scaled zone with group bosses and delves.
  • A new guild with a passive skill line.
  • A new story line.
  • Repeatable quests.
  • New costumes, motifs, and item sets.

Much of the new content in this DLC mirrors the new content in the Thieve’s Guild DLC. The Orsinium DLC had the same set of features however I suspect that like the Thieve’s Guild DLC, and unlike Orsinium DLC, the Dark Brotherhood DLC will have a smaller zone and a shorter questline; and just like the Thieve’s Guild DLC, Dark Brotherhood quests in some cases will span Tamriel.

The Dark Brotherhood DLC will also have some notable features beyond the Thieve’s Guild:

  1. Removal of Veteran Ranks.
  2. Craft Bags for ESO Plus members.
  3. Sanctum Ophidia Trial changes.
  4. Improvements to performance in Cyrodiil.

The Veteran Rank removal has been a popular topic on the Official forums; there are still a lot of unanswered questions on this so I personally can’t wait for an ESO Live that touches on this subject. Improvements to performance in Cyrodiil has been a touchy subject that has been popular in the Official forums as well; it is unclear what improvements will be made in this area too so hopefully an ESO Live will cover this as well.

Quoting from yesterday’s post on the Official ESO website:


  • Join the Dark Brotherhood and become an assassin for hire
  • Visit the Gold Coast, available to characters of all levels, where you can explore Anvil and Kvatch for the first time since The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • Hours of exciting story content and quests that will have you revisiting your favorite areas of Tamriel
  • New, repeatable quest content involving Contracts and the Black Sacrament
  • Challenging new group bosses and delves to conquer
  • A new passive skill line exclusive to members of the Dark Brotherhood
  • Unique costumes, motifs and item sets inspired by the deadly Dark Brotherhood


  • The removal of Veteran Ranks
  • Poison-Making, for those who want to be especially nasty to their enemies
  • Toggle-able nameplates for all characters
  • Character name display for Xbox One and PlayStation®4
  • Item locking to help prevent accidental deconstruction of your most valuable items
  • Further improvements and new features to the Grouping Tool including a group ready check, vote-to-kick system, and updated queue timer
  • Tons of updates to the Crown Store including additional character slots, motif previews, and hats
  • Craft Bags for ESO Plus members
  • Improvements and adjustments to Item Traits
  • Ongoing Cyrodiil performance improvements
  • Sanctum Ophidia Trial scaling, rebalancing and the addition of a Normal and Veteran mode
  • Balance improvements to combat and gameplay abilities including the Fighters Guild skill line, Vampires and stamina abilities