The Imperial City DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online


Coming late next month for PC/Mac, and roughly a fortnight later for consoles, is the first DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. This new expansion brings numerous features including access to the Imperial City (click here to see a full outline on the official site), a new level cap at VR16 (up from VR14), a new currency system, the Tel Var Stones, which ties in to the new armour coming with this expansion. There is also more coming, including fixes, and the following three Crown Store items:

I have been playing ESO since pre-launch, during beta. I have been enjoying this game largely since I first start playing and on to present. This new DLC is exciting. The Imperial City promises a mix of PvP & PvE; to me this seems an extension of Cyrodiil itself however given that the city itself is more confined, this should bring a new dynamic. Also, we will see several new dungeons accessible from the Imperial City; the Imperial City Prison and the White-Gold Tower. I am imagining many hours of game-play from what I am reading.  Can’t wait!