Finding Dwemer Pages and Materials in ESO

With the launch of update 5 for the Elder Scrolls Online we have access to the Dwemer style for crafting. The Dwemer (or Dwarven) style was mentioned at Quakcon this year and has now made it’s appearance in game; I first noted it in a post here.

Of first note regarding the Dwemer style, unlike the other styles in the game where you acquire a single motif and learn the style for all craftable weapons and armour, with the Dwemer style, only individual pages are found; each specific to one armour or weapon. It is possible to find an extremely rare motif for the Dwemer style containing all of the pages; it is a much rarer drop than the individual pages. Farming Dwemer pages and materials feels like farming Nirncrux; the drops are infrequent.

Dwemer Motif and Pages

Dwemer Motif and Pages.

Dwemer pages and material can only be found in Dwemer dungeons. Here is a current listing with accompanying map:

Daggerfall Covenant

Stros M’Kai

  • Bthzark — West of Port Hunding.
    Bthzark in Stros M'Kai

Alik’r Desert

  • Volenfell — On the Eastern most portion of the map, east of Kozanset.
  • Aldunz — East of Bergama.
  • Santaki — South of Sentinel.
  • Yldzuun — South of Volenfell (above).


  • Klathzgar — East of Hallin’s Stand.
  • Razak’s Wheel — South of Hallin’s Stand.Razak's Wheel and Klathzgar


Ebonheart Pact


  • Inner Sea Armature — South West of Davon’s Watch.
    Inner Sea Armature


  • Bthanual — South West of Mournhold.
  • Mzithumz — North of Mournhold.
  • Lower Bthanual — South West of Mournhold (and Bthanual).Lower Bthanual


  • Mzulft — East of Cragwallow.

The Rift

  • Avanchnzel — West of Riften.


  • The Vile Laboratory — South East of The Hollow City; note this can only be entered and completed once for a quest.
    The Vile Laboratory

Due to lore, the Aldmeri Dominion does not have any Dwemer dungeons.

If your interested in farming these items then patience is key; not only is the drop rate limited, but there is currently stiff competition with Dwemer locations seeing an increase in player activity.

It appears that the pages and motif can be found in containers in the Dwemer locations; and the Frame and Scrap (raw material) which are the materials, can be found on Dwemer constructs.

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