Proposal for a Stop-Gap Housing Solution In The Elder Scrolls Online

Since the second Elder Scrolls game, Daggerfall, housing has featured in some fashion in the Elder Scrolls franchise; as such, the lack of housing in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) has raised questions. Housing has been discussed as a possibility by the developers however it has always been in the context of long term plans.

The Prophet and the Harborage

The Prophet and the Harborage.

What I am proposing is a solution that is simple, providing a house for the player that is acquired by questing; this is comparable to the acquisition of a simple home in Morrowind, such as the one received from Caius Cosades after questing for a period through the main quest line. In ESO I envision something similar; specifically the house I have in mind would end up being the Harborage. As the Harborage is a solo instanced area, the player could be given access to features of a house ES players are familiar with such as chests, a desk, an armoire, et al.. These features could be a reward; let’s say with the close of the main quest line and the beginning of Caldwell’s Silver. Basically this would extend the banking to include a private area with extra space. This idea could also be extended to include the type of upgrade system we saw in Oblivion or Skyrim; where the player acquires a home and then can purchase upgrades from a vendor such as forge, alchemy station, et al..

This strikes me as an elegant solution in the short term and also a great beginning for housing. For one thing this solution expands on existing features; specifically the Harborage, which largely fads away after the main quest, but would now be re-purposed. Further, we can expect that future housing will require a player to make a purchase, or even make a purchase and pay a tax to maintain the home; this is based on other comparable implementations in other MMOs. If we look at what a horse costs, we could guess even a small house in a future housing expansion to be rather expensive; perhaps 250,000 gold? A simple quest rewarded home would provide something for all players; even those who really don’t have a strong interest in one.

I think there is a great deal of room with this idea; it could easily be implemented in a number of different fashions.Taking into account the existing development cycle related to updates, and new content, I do not think the above would be an involved change to the game which is further appealing.


I’m curious to know what the community thinks about it; send me your thoughts.