Trial Accounts Inbound for ESO?

Some sleuthing by Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) community members playing Update 5 on the PTS suggest ESO may be receiving Trial Accounts soon. You can read more here on the official ESO forums; via a thread on Reddit. Quoting from the post:

Thanks to Reddit user/AMGarkin the following lines were found in the EsoStrings table:
“[eng] Disabled on trial accounts.”, — SI_TRIALACCOUNTRESTRICTIONTYPE1
“[eng] Whispering disabled on Trial accounts.”, — SI_TRIALACCOUNTRESTRICTIONTYPE2
“[eng] Trial accounts may only whisper to friends.”, — SI_TRIALACCOUNTRESTRICTIONTYPE3
“[eng] Guilds disabled on trial accounts.”, — SI_TRIALACCOUNTRESTRICTIONTYPE4

These entries suggest ESO is getting what many mainstream MMOs have which is an ability to try the game before paying for it. How this will ultimately play out is unclear however it is a welcome feature to encourage new players to join the ESO community.