Farming Nirncrux in the Elder Scrolls Online

Want to farm Nirncrux in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)? If you do then patience is the key. Nirncrux can be found while farming resource nodes in Upper Craglorn; available with the release of Update 4. Nirncrux is found alongside materials such as Voidstone at nodes when minded in the same fashion that worms can be found. However unlike worms, the chances are extremely low that you will find any; in fact it appears to be 0.25% chance. To be clear that is not a 25% or 1 in 4 chance; but rather 0.25%, or a quarter of one percent. And as each node harvested is a unique chance, you success will depend on your patience.

Fortified Nirncrux

Potent Nirncrux

Where can you find Nirncrux? A definitive answer is lacking, however some cursory research suggests that only nodes related to crafting weapons or armour will bear fruit:

  • Alchemy material nodes – No
  • Enchanting material nodes – No
  • Provisioning material nodes – No
  • Heavy sacks – Yes
  • Createrues that drop hide – Yes
  • Woodworking material nodes – Yes
  • Blacksmithing material nodes – Yes
  • Clothier material nodes – Yes

If you can confirm (or deny) any of these or other methods not listed; then contact me! Note, you can get Nirncrux from deconstructing weapons or armour that have the trait; but at this stage it i generally accepted to be a complete waste.

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