Crafting: The New Nirnhoned Trait

With Update 4 in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), a new trait has been added for crafting as well as a new crafting passive; quoting from the release notes:

Nirnhoned Crafting Trait

  • A new crafting trait, Nirnhoned, has been discovered in Craglorn! The necessary trait items can be found rarely while harvesting in Upper Craglorn, and Nirnhoned equipment can be obtained by completing the main quest line in Upper Craglorn.

Crafting & Economy

  • Added a 4th rank to the crafting passive skills of Metallurgy, Carpentry, and Stitching.
    • These new ranks further decrease the research time needed to learn additional traits, and sets a maximum research time of 30 days.

If you have a crafting character then you are probably curious about this new trait. As noted in the release notes the new trait is called Nirnhoned and can be found in Upper Craglorn; with items with the trait dropped by completing the main quest line there. As Craglorn is an Adventure zone, you will need to be in a group of 4 or more.

Update 4, new Nirnhoned trait: Chance on hit to increase Spell Resistance.

The materials for the Nirnhoned trait can be found while harvesting in Upper Craglorn, but the disbursement of it is spartan; it is called Nirncrux:

Armor: Uses Fortified Nirncrux.

Weapon: Uses Potent Nirncrux.

Main quest lines of Upper Craglorn:

  • Slithering Brood – Questgiver, Regent Cassipia; Location, Dragonstar Wayshrine
  • The Serpents Fang – Questgiver, Little Leaf; Location, East of Valley of Scars Wayshrine
  • Dawn of the Exalted Viper – Questgiver, Titus Valerius; Location, Outside the Star-Gazer’s Observatory


  • Can crafting hirelings provide Nirnhoned materials? It appears at the moment that they do not, however I suspect that this will change over time with the material being returned rarely (consistent with finding it in Upper Craglorn).

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