Destiny Day Three Impressions

Destiny continues to impress me. The graphics, aesthetics, environments are all excellent; I have yet to tire of the zones. I feel like I have to look harder in Destiny for loot in the environment; this seems a design choice, and not an unwelcome one. I’ve made peace with the load times and the end of mission transport mentioned in the last post. I feel like the game is loading faster; perhaps they are using a caching technique for areas that have been visited or frequented already. Further, as the game progresses, the missions become longer; I think the short early missions (what we might call intro missions) were the source of my annoyance at being whisked away from the zone when the mission was finished. The game definitely shows it’s Halo roots. If your a fan of the Halo series you will instantly feel a sense of déjà vu regarding the FPS action, enemy movements, enemy drop ships, and speeders akin to the Ghosts of Halo. My only real complaint is the story; which feels paper thin. The story is definitely unfolding as I play; but there is so much gray regarding the Traveler, the Guardians, and their city. While I expect a sense of the unknown regarding the Traveler, I don’t for the Guardians; you play as a Guardian and the Guardians seem flat as does their city as if we know nothing about either.

Reviews are finally starting to come out about Destiny; you can see some on Metacritic, including reviews for the PS4 version here.