Destiny Day One Impressions

So I have now spent some time playing Destiny on the PS4. My impressions so far are good. You are thrown into the game fairly quickly; while this is good in some respects, the story comes off as fairly simplistic as a result. I have a strong feeling about this games future potential. In some ways I found myself thinking that Bungie has done with Destiny, what ID Software failed to do with Rage. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Rage, but I think it failed to meet fan expectations; and certainly failed when it came to ID’s claims regarding their support for it (the worst offense of all). Bungie’s track record as a studio bodes well for the game and it’s future including support.

The Good:

  • Great graphics – the graphics have a feeling reminiscent of Rage which is to say a gritty realistic feel.
  • Great sound effects
  • Great music
  • Great FPS mechanics
  • Good kit selection – it’s nice to have a wider variety of guns in a Bungie game.

The Annoying:

  • Load times; represented through ship transit screens shown when traveling between locals can be long; introspect I only did the simplest setup, so perhaps an option exists to fully install to disc.
  • When a mission is finished you are taken from the zone you are in after a count down (lets say about 30sec). It would be preferred if you could continue to explore at your own pace and leave when you choose.