Zenimax Online Studios Hit By More Layoffs

Unfortunately Zenimax Online Studios (ZoS) has suffered more layoffs; you can read more here on Massively @ Joystiq. This should feel familiar given that it is the second time; the first being at their Customer Service center in Ireland, and now it appears the developers themselves have been hit.

In both cases the job losses were described not as being layoffs, but rather that help hired to handle the launch of the game were let go, not being needed anymore.

Such a scenario is common in many industries, it is what it is; and it is understood that way by all. In the case of ZoS’s they are in fact layoffs; these are not workers who have come to the end of a contract and are moving on. In the case of the workers in Ireland, they were in fact hired on contract; however they were cut loose well before the end of the term. The lose of employees at the studio again appears to be attributed to attrition. Whatever the case is it would appear that management at ZoS has a poor handle on the situation.