Great Information Released on ESO Update 4, Craglorn Part Deux

Recently there has been quite a bit of new information released on the official Elder Scrolls Online website regarding Update 4 for ESO. To start with, Update 4 is available on the PTS for those interested in an early go at it; you can read more here.

Craglorn Part Deux, ESO Update 4

There are a selection of new Wallpaper designs featuring art reflecting Update 4; you can read more here. One of the new features coming in Update 4 is Dragonstar Arena; which provides wave after wave of enemies and obstacles for a team of 4 to face with increasing difficulty. There is a good overview of Dragonstar Arena here.

DragonStar Arena Trailer

Dragonstar Arena Play Session on PTS

Update 4 is shaping up to be a welcome addition to the Elder Scrolls Online.