ESO Reviews

Having been released on April 4, 2014, ESO has been out for over a month now. Lets take a look at some of the reviews available online; the Metacritic review score, 72/100, should act as a good barometer for what we can expect given that it is an average from a selection of available reviews.
The Elder Scrolls Online
The Good

Cheat Code Central scored the game at 90%. IGN rated it at 78%. MMORPG tagged it at 79%. Eurogamer’s Spanish portal rated the game at 80%. Impulse Gamer gave the game an 86%. Trusted Reviews gave it an 80%. This averages to about 83% overall.

The Elder Scrolls Online carries on the tradition of gaming we know and love with a twist of adding in MMO. – Impulse Gamer

The Bad

Gamespot gave the game 60%. Eurogamer’s Portuguese portal rate the game at 70%. Lazy Games rated the game at 69%. JeuxActu gave the game 70%. Polygon gave the game a 60%. Games Radar gave the game 60%. PC Gamer gave the game 68%. Destructoid gave the game 65%. Arcade Sushi gave it 60%. This averages to about 65% overall.

By their very nature, MMO’s [evolve] – but as it stands right now, The Elder Scrolls online isn’t a worthwhile investment. – Lazy Games

The Ugly
Videogamer gave the game 40%. PCGames N gave it a 50%. This averages to about 45% overall.

Brings only the worst of the Elder Scrolls forward, leaving behind the good. – Videogamer


The general consensus seems to be good if not underwhelming; with the Metacritic score being fairly representative: excluding the Ugly which easily falls away as outliers, we calculate an overall average of 74% compared to Metacritc’s 72%.


Tom’s Hardware has an excellent breakdown on the game; including a note on some of it’s failings (Copy Pasta). The dungeons seem to have suffered from a simplistic design policy:

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