ESO On Consoles

What follows is a post governing concrete information regarding the Elder Scrolls Online on consoles; PS4 and XBOX One. I orginally posted this on the ESO forums. If you have any good information, especially if you can reference a good article or other online snippet, please contact me. We know the game is slatted for an XBOX ONE and PS4 release; I’ve seen varying release dates listed including the following from : June 30, 2014, although this is likely the same vague guess as most retailers offering pre-purchase. The ESO site only mentions June in it’s Release Plans:

The following article claims the game was originally intended just for PC until Sony pressed for it:

This post from the Playstation blog answers a number of functional questions about the game; it would be easy to extrapolate similar answers for the XBOX ONE:

Unlike on the PS4 where a Playstation Plus subscription won’t be required in addition to the ESO subscription; the following article claims an XBOX Live subscription will be required for XBOX ONE players:

The Console beta, were it to be planned, has not started, nor has sign-up even begun; realistically though, is it a presumption that a beta will even occur on the console? In fact how often do games beta for console? Other than World of Tanks on XBOX Live I can’t think of others (but some of you may). A general review of information online suggests there is no beta in the works for the Console; although a reference in the Knowledge Base suggest there is, for what it’s worth.