The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition

New TESO edition with first four DLC and more. More »

Shadows of the Hist, ESOs New DLC

Shadows of the Hist, ESOs New DLC

Update 11 is coming soon and includes two new four player dungeons, with normal and Veteran modes and gear! More »

New Crown Store Items Are Coming

New Crown Store Items Are Coming

New Crown Store Items Are Coming including the new Doom Wolf Mount. More »


The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition

It has been announced that a new edition of The Elder Scrolls Online is planned for release; The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition. This version comes complete with the first four DLC, a mount (the Palomino horse), and 500 crowns.

New Crown Store Items Are Coming

ESO Doom Wolf Mount

A new selection of Crown Store items are coming soon. The new items include costumes, a mount, and pets. The new Crown Store items are: Costumes Priest of the Green  – available July 7th. Breton Hero Armour – available for a

Shadows of the Hist, ESOs New DLC

ESO Update 11 Shadows of the Hist

Launch details are now available on Update 11, Shadows of the Hist, the next DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online. This new DLC is currently available on the PTS; it is launching on the PC and Mac on August 1st, and

There is New Stock Coming to the Crown Store ESOTU

ESOTU Northern Lynx Pet

There is new stock coming to the Crown Store; you can check out the official post here. The new selection includes new Pets, a Mount, a Costume, and the long overdue additional Character Slots. Also included in this upcoming batch

Drop Locations for Outlaw Motif Pages in TESO

The Outlaw style was introduced in the Thieve’s Guild DLC in the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. The style is found as individual pages for the Motif; all of the pages drop randomly from bosses in Abah’s Landing (the zone

Great New Crown Store Items Inbound Including Dragon Priest Costume

Dragon Priest Costume

New merchandise is inbound for the Crown Store, including a Dragon Priest costume, and a Dro-m’Athra Senche mount.

New Lion Mount and Cub Pet in TESO Crown Store

Senche Lion Cub Pet TESO

Check out the new Crown Store content; a new Senche Lion Cub pet: And a Pride King Lion mount:

New Underworld Ascendant Gameplay and Interview From PAX East 2016

Underworld Ascendant

IGN has a new video showing new gameplay with an interview from the dungeon crawler Underworld Ascendant; you can check it out here. The game is shaping up nicely and looks like it may be a great addition to the

Runeboxes in the Imperial City with the TESO Dark Brotherood DLC

Runeboxes TESO Darkbrotherhood DLC

With the launch of the Dark Brotherhood DLC, one addition, a little nugget that almost escaped my attention, is the addition of Runeboxes in the Imperial City; there will be three with each corresponding to a Polymorph available in the

Great Comparison Video of Kvatch in Oblivion and in TESO Dark Brotherhood DLC

I found this great video on the official TESO forums showing a comparison of Kvatch in TES Oblivion and in the TESO Dark Brotherhood DLC; the cities of Anvil and Kvatch are in the Gold Coast, the new zone in